Membrane Biofilters

Membrane Biofilters
Pilot Plant For Membrane Filtration
Pilot Plant For Membrane Filtration

A membrane is defined as a material that forms a thin wall (tubes) capable of selectively resisting the transfer of different constituents of a fluid and thus effecting a separation, of the constituents. The optimal physical structure of the membrane material is based on a thin layer of material with a narrow range of pore size and a high surface porosity.
In wastewater treatment applications, these membranes process are more effective in removal of particles and microorganisms.

Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) systems essentially consists of combination of membrane and biological reactor systems. These systems are the emerging technologies, currently developed for a variety of advanced wastewater treatment processes.
Membrane bioreactor systems combine proven ultrafiltration technology with biological treatment for municipal, commercial and industrial wastewater treatment and water reuse applications. The membrane bioreactor system incorporates reinforced hollow fiber membranes specifically designed to meet the requirements of wastewater treatment. Membrane bioreactor systems replace conventional treatment and combine clarification, aeration and filtration into a simple and cost-effective process that reduces capital and operating costs. The result is consistent, high quality effluent suitable for any discharge or reuse application


Plant retrofits
* Bio-phosphorus removal
* Bio-nitrogen removal
* Reverse osmosis pretreatment
* Direct reuse
* Direct discharge
* Aquifer recharge
* Small, medium and large plants
* Membrane bioreactor technology effectively overcomes the problems associated with poor settling of sludge in conventional    activated sludge processes
* Membrane filter assure very high quality colorless effluent/ sewage
* Can avoid Sand filter & Carbon for tertiary treatment can be recycled easily.
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